My Life As A Teenager Robot Pornography Story: Forever and Ever and Ever – Chapter Six

My Life As A Teenager Robot Pornography Story: Forever and Ever and Ever – Chapter Six

“You know Tuck, it’s not too late to turn back.” Brad said.

“Don’t get me wrong on this, I am afraid. I just think that if you’re going to spend the rest of your life worrying about yourself, then you might as well not even be here.”

“But Tuck, she’ll be back.”

“Sure she will, but God didn’t put me here to think about what was best for me.”

“They enslave humans, Tuck. If you go in there and they catch you, you won’t leave.”

“Then I guess I’ll be enslaved.” Tuck was about to fly toward the cluster when Brad grabbed him.

“I don’t think you understand, Tuck,” Brad said, “This is serious! This is for real! If you go in there, you may never come out!”

“I know, but I can’t stop thinking that if it was me stuck in the cluster, would Jenny risk her life to save me?”

Brad admitted, “Yes, I think she would.”

“I’m going to do the same for her, it’s what friends are for.” Tuck flew toward the cluster.

“I just keep getting crazier and crazier.” Brad followed Tuck.


“Can this be over?” I asked Vexus.

“What?” Vexus said, “You don’t enjoy watching the flesh-weares grobel before your feet.”

I looked down at the poor slaves who were wasting away as they polished my feet. “No, this is cruel.”

“Don’t think about them, they’re just humans. There’s plenty more where they came from.” Vexus said.

I uncomfortably sat on my throne. I knew I was no longer part of the solution. I was part of the problem.

“Your Majesty!” A guard robot screamed as he ran in.

“What is it now?” Vexus said in an irritated tone.

“We picked up signal of two humans approaching the palace.” He reported.

Vexus smiled cruelly. “Oh, wonderful! I’ve been looking for a few more personal polishers. What do we know about them?”

“They are both male, one a small child estimated to be between the ages of ten and twelve, and the other at about age fifteen. They seem to be of relation to each other, most likely brothers.” He said.

I gasped. Please, don’t be Brad and Tuck. Please say it’s not them.

“Tell the others that the first to capture them receives a reward!” Vexus ordered. “Go now!”

“Yes your majesty.” the guard ran off to tell the other guards about the reward offered.

Vexus smiled at me. “Now you’ll see what fun we really have at the cluster.

Please be okay, I prayed.


Brad looked at the palace. There were so many robots standing guard, big fierce robots. It didn’t seem likely that they would be entering that palace unless they became slaves eternally.

Tuck was still determined, however. He flew right into the cluster with such strength and will. Most twleve year-olds don’t act that determined-ever.

“Tuck! You’re gonna get yourself killed!” Brad shouted.

“Well, I would’ve gotten myself someday, anyway, so it might as well be today!” Tuck screamed back.

“Tuck, we’re going home!” Brad ordered.

“Brad, I’m the little brother here, and we’re both just as afraid, but I’m the one facing my fears. So I guess that must make you the little brother.”

“Who are you calling little brother?” Brad said and went along with Tuck.

“HUMANS AT ONE O’CLOCK!” a robot guard shouted to the others.

“First to capture them gets a personal reward from Queen Vexus!” the head robot guard said.

“Get them!”

Several robots charged at Brad and Tuck.

“C’mon, Wakeman,” Brad searched through the backpack, “I need something.” Brad pulled out his stun ray. He closed his eyes and pressed the button.

There was suddenly silence. Brad opened his eyes wincingly. All the robots had stopped dead in their tracks.

“Hurry up Tuck! We only have five minutes!” Brad flew into the palace despite his fear. Tuck followed him closely.

“Brad! Tuck!” I screamed, fearing their safety.

“Jenny!” Brad flew down and dropped his backpack. “Oh, I’m so glad that you’re ok!”

“Jenny! We’re here to save you!” Tuck said.

“You two have to get out of here! This is too dangerous!” I warned them.

“There they are! Get them!” Vexus screamed to another army of robot guards.

Brad pulled out his stun ray. “Close your eyes Jenny.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Just do it!” He said.

I put my hands over my eyes. When I took them off, all the robots had miraculously stopped. “What did you do?” I asked.

“Never mind, we only have five minutes!” Brad grabbed my hand and was about to take off with me.

“We have to save Sheldon!” I said.

“Forget about him.” Brad said.

“No one is getting left behind!” I ran toward the dungeon and Brad followed me.

I found Sheldon’s room. “Sheldon, we’re getting out of here!” I said.

“Jenny!” He saw me and Brad. “You two just save yourselves, don’t worry about me!”

“No!” I fiddled with the lock.

Brad rummaged through his backpack and pulled out a small drill-looking thing. He pressed it into the lock, but he didn’t get the time to turn it on.

“Step away from that cell!” Vexus ordered.

“It must’ve worn off.” Brad grabbed the stun ray and was about to press it when it slipped out of his hands.

Vexus stepped on it, breaking it into a thousand seperate pieces. “Well, that’s enough of that.” She said, “Now get away from that cell!”

“Or what?” I asked.

Vexus held Tuck in front of her, his hands were chained together. “Use your imagination.” She said.

“Tuck!” I screamed.

“Now get away from that cell!” She ordered.

Brad and I backed away from Sheldon.

Vexus set Tuck on the ground. “Listen to me, both of you.” She said, “XJ9, I want you to go back up to the throne room and never speak of this moment again.”

I nearly cried as I got my last look at Brad, Sheldon and Tuck, then I started climbing those steps.

“Open a cell for this red haired one.” Vexus said. “He seems like a semi-obedient human, and I’ve been looking for another polisher.”

Brad scowled.

Just as I was appproaching those last steps, I saw Tuck wink at me. Then I didn’t see him anymore.

The invisible Tuck ran towards Brad’s backpack, pulled out a small chain saw looking thing and turned back to visible mode as he held it towards Vexus’s head. “Nobody moves, or Vexus gets it!” Tuck turned the tables.

“What an insolent wench.” Vexus reached behind her and tried to grab Tuck, but he started whiring that chainsaw and then she didn’t move.

“Listen everyone!” Tuck said, “Brad, let Sheldon out.”

Brad grabbed his drill and unlocked Sheldon’s room. I smiled. It looked like everything would be alright. At least for a minute it did.

Vexus then popped out some spikes on her shoulders. One of them slashed across Tuck’s stomach as I watched in horror.

“Tuck!” I screamed and went to fly down but guards held me back. I could have torn away from three or four, maybe even five of them, but there were more than twenty holding me back. I was a princess, yet a prisoner.

Tuck layed on the ground, a pool of blood forming around him. I cried. I saw how much pain he was in, and he had done it all for me.

Brad kneeled down by Tuck. “Oh no…” Brad stared blankly at him. “Tuck…I can’t believe it…” Brad then looked up and saw Vexus. He was angrier than words could begin to describe. “You!” He shouted and pulled out a laser from his backpack. “You hurt Tuck!” He fired at Vexus and hit her on her chest.

“Augh!” Vexus shouted in pain, “How dare you!”

She lunged towards Brad and wrapped her hands around his throat.

“NO!” I shouted and it is beyond my knowledge how I went from twenty some guards holding me back to hitting Vexus straight to the ground. I just felt a need to risk my life to protect those who had done the same for me.

“If you,” I warned, “Lay one more hand on any of them!” I shouted at her, “I will risk life and limb to get you back for it!” I backed her into a corner.

She looked at me solemnly. “You are a strong one, XJ9.” She said, “You certainly have a compassion at that.”

“Don’t tell me what I am.” I ordered her.

“Listen to me XJ9.” She said, “I know that you are independant, and I know that you have a strong will of your own. But now you must do as I say. For I am your mother now!”

“No!” I screamed, “You are not my mother!” I hit her upside the head with my Thor’s Hammer. “My mother is a kind old woman sitting at home by herself on Earth! NOT YOU!” As she was hit I flew to her and pushed her to the ground. I held her down by the shoulders.

I leaned closer toward her face. “Listen, Vexus.” I said, “You are now going to let me and my friends go.”

“Why would I-“

“NOW!” I shouted.

Vexus struggled to get herself up, but it was of no use. “Get them an esacpe pod to Earth.” She told her guards, whom obeyed instantly.

“C’mon, Tuck, Brad, Sheldon.” I said, “We’re going home.”

Brad leaned down and picked up Tuck like a small baby. Then they all followed me into the escape pod on the other side of the palace. The last robot I saw before I left was Raul.

“Jenny, where are you going?” He asked.

“I’m going home.” I said, “I can’t take another minute of this.”

“But, you’re my wife.” He pleaded, “Til death do us part.”

“Raul, I have to leave.” I said, “I can’t stand this place and it just kills me on the inside. I can’t stay here, though.” I cried.

He just stood there and watched as I pressed the button that took me away.


I just sat there and stared at my hand that had Raul-17 carved into it.

“Cheer up, Jen.” Brad said as he looked at Tuck’s wound. “There’ll be other guys.”

“Who wants to be with a stupid married robot girl like me?”

“I do.” Sheldon said. I ignored him.

Brad ripped off part of the sleeve of his shirt to place on Tuck’s wound.

“Brad, what are you doing?” I asked him, “You just ruined that shirt.”

“Oh, I can get other shirts, but Tuck’s my only brother.”

I looked at Tuck. All the life near sucked out of him, and yet, he was still much stronger than I was. If Tuck didn’t make it, I would never have forgiven myself.


We landed a few hours later on my front driveway.

“Mom!” I shouted as she walked out.

“XJ9, you’re home!” She was in awe.

“No time! Tuck’s hurt!” I said.

Brad carried Tuck out of the pod. The blood was still flowing from his wound.

“Oh my goodness.” Mom grabbed him and brought him inside with me, Brad and Sheldon following.

Mom set him down on the table. First she checked for his pulse and then for his breath. The next thing she did was call 911.

I just sat there crying with Sheldon and Brad trying to cheer me up, but deep down, we were all just as afraid.


Okay…yeah, that’ll do it. End of chapter 6! Stay tuned for chapter 7! Maybe, I dunno, I don’t think anyone is reading this.

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